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Happiness feels like sunshine on your face and chest as you ride your bicycle at full speed down the bridge crossing a canal in Amsterdam… the wind in your hair… green leaves on the trees… beads of sweat on your brow because the temperature is finally about 68° F…. and people looking at you with a raised brow as you whizzzzzzzzzz by them… because there’s a giant toothy-lippy grin plastered ALL over your face :)


Canals in the sun!

In San Diego I don’t even notice the sun some days! Yeah, sure… in the deep of winter I would have a day or two where I would bitch about the fact that I went TO work in the dark and came home FROM work in the dark. But you saw the sun peek through corners and cracks most the time. I would complain about standing on the school quad during lunch time and having it be “so damn sunny I have to wear sunglasses!” I wore sunscreen EVERY day mixed in with my moisturizer. I would go home in the evening and sit on my patio and BBQ and wish for the spot where the grass seemed to be greener.

Well… now I know what makes the grass greener on the other side! It’s not baking in the sun!

Just a few hours of it today and I feel like a junky on a high. My face is actually HURTING from the grin splitting it in two – and those of you who KNOW me, KNOW that smiling is my natural state of rest. I feel like I want to run around and yell and sing and enjoy… And all because there is sunshine in the sky!

I feel like I could DO anything, BE anything… even forgive the hurts of the past and invite those now-strangers to this sunny corner of the world.. as long as they promise to relish it! Amsterdam is in a mood where it’s reaffirming that it’s a world of possibilities, a world of promises to be kept, a world to be discovered.

Sunshine and blue skies!

Of course… spending the afternoon on a nice terrace at Cafe Zeezicht on the SingleCanal, glass of white wine and fun company… and sunshine… adds to the joy :)

And it helps then to come back to my apartment… put some Gypsy Kings on the stereo (setting: LOUD)… and laugh at the great happiness streaming through my pores.