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Ok – so not everyone is a fan of the ballet.

Check. Understood.

After all, not everyone is a fan of football.

Crickets. Chirp.

Whatever! I LIKE BALLET! I make a proud and crazed statement like that – and am willing to back it up!

My friend Natalie and I went into the woods last night to see Amsterdam Ballet’s rendition of “Swan Lake.” Through the cold streets of the city we slogged to get to the metro… on frozen platforms we waited for the metro to save us… and into the elegant light and soft world of tutus and ballerina slippers we ventured… to find…


Forget Natalie Portman’s demonic swans and crazed Hollywood hype… this was about… stages that looked like a Watteau landscape painting… costumes of rich fabric to rival any Ruben’s work of art… and movement –  strong… delicate… vibrant… loving… elegant… the swaying of countless bodies in perfect sync, in perfect beauty. Bodies lifted to float with arms drifting like the wings of a bird.

3 and a half hours… disappeared.

And I was not sad that I ‘lost’ those hours – which, if you know me, you understand is a big deal. You are reading about someone who thinks in terms of… “7am -get up, 7:05am- pour coffee, 7:08am – shower, 7:15am – more coffee, 7:17am -check email.”

But what an incredible experience! Amsterdam Ballet likes to do avant garde stuff – and I get that… it’s boring to do “The Nutcracker” and “Swan Lake” a million times… but the revival of this classic Van Dantzig choreography… so worth it!

I only wish I could have taken pictures! Not that it would have been able to communicate what I saw, what I felt, what it was like…. You will just have to make do with a picture snapped by Natalie of me on the frozen metro platform AFTER :)

Smiling after Swan Lake