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So if you find yourself lucky enough, blessed enough, and far enough along the route from Amsterdam to Wengen (see Wengen post) …. and looking for a place to stop and grab a bite… then hold out for pizza at “Lido da Elio.”

View from Lido da Elio parking lot (Watch out - you have to pay for parking!)

I don’t eat pizza often. My expectations with pizza, like with most things in life, are ridiculously high. I’ll usually decline it and wait to indulge in good pizza when in Italy. In the US, I find the crust too thick (an the attempts at thin crust too soggy), the portions too big, the huge variety of toppings on a single slice an overkill of flavor… and what the heck is up with Garlic Dipping Sauce????? And why do I need cinnamon sticks with my pizza?????? And could the girl on the phone stop trying to sell me a 2 liter bottle of some fuzzy sugary soda???? Kill my arteries and tastebuds more simply, please!

So when we made a stop at a little pizzeria along the Faulensee in Switzerland…  it was primarily to see the view and use the bathroom before the last leg up what promised to be an icy mountain road.

I'm willing to come back in the summer just to sit on this patio!

Ordering some vino, some ravioli with truffle sauce, and some pizzas… was just an add-on so the owners would let us into the bathrooms heavily decorated with “Guests Only” signs. Besides, the views from the restaurant windows were worth a break from sitting in the cold car.

And then the pizza came…

The crust was…. well… perfect. A few slices of paprika baked onto the top with gooey mozzarella and olives… a hint of tomato… thin slices of ham…Sigh.

We couldn’t help exchanging slices – I very carefully considered and then traded for a four cheese slice…. Oh. My.

Route along the Faulensee

Maybe it was the wood-bruning oven, maybe it was the great view that made the taste so inspired, maybe it was the cute Italian waiters, maybe it was the fact that having pizza and wine for lunch made vacation official…. needless to say – this is worth the stop! And all of us were semi-serious when we considered stopping for pizza on the way back!!!! Too bad that we headed down the mountain at only 10am :(


For a virtual visit to the restaurant: www.pizzeria-lido.ch
For information about the Faulensee region – where there is great walking and hiking in the summer and picture-perfect little towns to vacation in: http://www.faulensee.ch/