I may not have Sherryl Crow’s voice, and I may not be singing about Las Vegas… but a song is sounding in my head nonetheless… about Leaving… Barcelona.

I’m sorry to leave Barcelona: definitely sorry to leave the sun, definitely sorry to leave the tapas and friendly people, but even sorry to leave the airport! Cleanest, shiniest airport I’ve been in for a while! With plenty of cafes, open spaces, nice shops, and well-oiled.

Barcelona's slick and squeaky-clean airport hall


Kind of a symbol for me of the Barcelona I found – clean (compared to Amsterdam), well-oiled, colorful, friendly, full of stylish things, plenty of open spaces and cafes and tapas :)

Barcelona has been a real treat for me. Sun. Fun. Food. Art. Style. SUN.

Being in the sun has really made me aware how much I am missing it! In San Diego, we take it for granted. But spend some time in northern Europe in the winter… and sun becomes a wish, a dream, a longing, an emotion.

Here’s to longings and making them not only dreams of the future, but experiences of the present.

Pillar Sculpture outside the W Hotel Barcelona: Sun, Sea, Ship, and... Screws? What ARE those things?