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The first time I heard the phrase “it’s too cold to snow,” I was 19-years old and naive and doe-eyed and with my younger sister in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was the week between Christmas and New Year’s and we ended up stranded in Edinburgh for Hogmanay because the trains weren’t traveling further north due to weather conditions.

Coming from South Africa via California, what I know about life in snow and cold you could fit with room to spare into a paper ketchup cup. So who knew that it could be TOO COLD to snow?

Let it snow!

Well, here I am… Week 2 of Amsterdam too cold to snow. When it did ‘warm up’ to temperatures above freezing for a few blessed hours last week, the snow fell in sudden flurries and gusts and turned the world white and wonderful.

A week in that white winterland has been magical and beautiful. Even with the adventure of ten hours without heating when the electricity went out in my apartment.


Luckily… I have watched enough Madonna videos in my day (Not counting the recent Super Bowl craze) to know that if your hands are too cold to type or hold a cup of tea, then you can sacrifice the fingertips on a pair of gloves and make it work.

My pet lion :) He looks dashing, I think! And ready for home!

That – and double layers of jeans, sweaters and scarves.

So yes… even after 30 minutes in the sauna at the gym I barely feel defrosted. Maybe it’s the thought that I will have to leave the foggy warmth of that sauna cabin to dress and brave the below-chill weather outside to be able to get home…? Hmmmm.

But there is something amazing about it – the white that covers the ground (and which has not turned to ice because it hasn’t been warm enough for the snow to melt to REFREEZE into ice! Whoop! I learned me some science!)… the feel of a down comforter crackling as it settles around you… the puff of breath that escapes ahead of you to guide you back to warmth… the skaters on the canals… watching the world through the window while your leg brushes agains a heater.

New experiences… new ways of life. New Cold Wars :)

Skaters on the canal where my dad lives

Lone Skater on Groenburgwal (and no - that graceful figure is NOT me!)

But this sexy shadow from a bridge IS me :)