For those of you who have been tossing and turning late at night or the wee hours of the morning… wondering ‘where have Elloise’s blogs gone?’… wondering ‘why the silence?’… wondering ‘if she having so much fun traveling she forgot to write…?’

Well, fret not!

I’m back!

Back from the ‘day job’ that is!

Breaking away for brunch in an ideal San Diego spot

Somehow bills have to get paid and funding gathered for the next trip. So almost 3 months of near bone-crunching-dense work schedule… topped off with 6 weeks in San Diego… and now… time again for sleeping, eating, dreaming and of course… reading and traveling :)

Although it was incredibly nice to see old friends, visit familiar restaurant tables, get lost in should-know-them-by-now freeways, have a ‘custody’ visit with my doggie thanks to the ex-hubby, and even sometimes break from work to enjoy a day of boating and beaching in San Diego Bay… I have to be honest and say that I’ve ‘found’ it to be wonderful to be home. Walking cobbled streets. Hearing different languages. Meeting people in darkly woodsy cafes. Playing opera. Eating food with flavors that are wild and delicious and deep. Heck, even listening to the rain fall on this 50-degree Fahrenheit ‘summer’ day in Amsterdam.

My rambling point… I’m SO ready to shift from spread sheeting to word pressing :)

Found: Dog willing to travel :)