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I love airports.

I know – you may be wondering if I am a bit crazy. It’s a good theory and a powerful possibility!

Barcelona’s slick and squeaky-clean airport hall

But I do… I like the shini-ness of the floors, the musical beat of the people-mover belt metal hitting the rubber edges, the people asleep, the people running, the people… the people…, I love the announcements, I love the systems in place, I love the way they make you confused about what time of day or century it is, I love that you have to take off your shoes for silly reasons, I love the languages flowing over me.

Most of all – I love the possibilities, the excitement, the process,… the travel.

Lol – as I type this a group of almost a 100 Chinese tourists are being led past me by a tourguide with her red umbrella aloft… on a people-mover belt.

I love airports.

Airports always want me to sit down and write, to feel the keys, share my thoughts.

I love that they make time warp. I can sit in the V Bar in Heathrow airport and I am there and I am there 2 years and I am there 10 years ago.

Lol – I think he likes airports too. Or maybe it’s that he DISLikes them :)

One of the ‘funnest’ days that i ever spent with my ex-husband was a day stuck in the small and odd Campiano airport in Rome (Easy Jet central…). We were heading back from Rome to London, where I was living at the time. Four lovely days in Rome of food, sight-seeing, wondering the cobbled streets, gazing at churches, most excellent sex and sleeping in – were topped off by a day stuck at Campiano due to an Easy Jet strike.

We had the possibility of going back to Rome for the day – but we had spent the bulk of our remaining hard-earned money on prosecco and food the night before. And so we decided to stay – it was only 10 hours of delay, after all.

Heathrow airport – capital of simultaneous efficiency and chaos. Possible? Yes!

And it was so fun! (I bet his memories of this differ greatly, LOL) We tried every single cafeteria’s wine and pizza. We browsed through magazines. We napped on each other’s laps on the floor. We talked. We read out loud to each other. We talked. We watched people.

It’s one of my fondest memories of him and airports.

So I don’d mind the delays – the chaos – the stresses – the bewildered looks of exhaustion on people’s faces. It reminds me to let them be and be patient.

Speaking of the bewildered exhaustion – some travelers are tired folks.. I get that. So just a shout out to those exhausted travelers who do silly things… like I did a week ago.. leaving my iPad behind on a flight from London to Amsterdam.


In the seat pocket in front me. Sigh. My blurry and jet lagged brain did not even realize it for hours.

And so now a note of gratitude… called the Schiphol Lost and Found office… who were amazing… patient… friendly… helpful… and did not mock me when I said I ‘lost’ my iPad when it was so clear I ‘forgot’ my iPad.

Possibilities… One day I want to walk in and say… “ticket for the next departing flight. Destination doesn’t matter.”

They graciously referred me to the staff at British Airways. Again – super helpful with lots of ‘ma’ams’ and ‘please, holds.’ THEY referred me to Avia Partners Baggage tracing – their baggage handlers. I called… was on hold for 15 minutes. And then… magic happened. THEY HAD THE iPAD.




The next day I got to go back to Schiphol, venture into a barely-noticed-before Door 16.. sort of like the Harry Potter platform.. I never saw it before but it was there when I needed to go through it! It took me back into the world of baggage handling and re-united me with my iPad.

I love airports.

Side note: Started writing this yesterday… sitting in Geneva airport… hmmm… quietest and cleanest airport I’ve EVER been in! And what man candy for the eye! All these guys walking buy in suits, tall and dark, tossing Italian into phones like it’s effortless, and crossing the floors with a purposeful “I own the world” treads. Yum!

I love airports.