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Today I completed my last volunteer placement with CCS Russia at the “Hospital for Kids”.  The exact purpose and reach of the institution is still as vague to me as it sounds to you now.

I noticed several new children had arrived since I’d last been there a week ago.  One was a small and painfully frail girl, maybe five years old, who alternated between crying frantically and shaking like a leaf in a state of total shock.  She clearly had no idea where she was.  Her face was shaped a little differently than a normal child’s and she may have been nonverbal.  Her eyes were soft blue-gray, perpetually glossed over with tears, with pupils that seemed out of place and cat-like.  I don’t know how well she could see, if at all.

Luckily for her, she had the best caretaker she could ever hope for. Sasha, a nine-year old…

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