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Sunset at Balboa Park, San Diego

Nomad that I am… I should clarify that ‘home’ in this case is San Diego, California :)

In no specific order…

1. The sun – all day. Every Day. Or at least, most days. Not 20-minute snippets.

2. Ziplock bags that are actually close and are not outrageously expensive.

3. Target.

4. Tide Detergent. The one with the green on the label.

5. “Big Roll” paper towels.

6. Roller Ink pens

7. My friends. Especially the ones who will sit with me for hours and nurse a bottle of wine. Ok. Two bottles of wine.

8. Satellite radio.

9. Rice ‘n Roni.

10. Milano cookies. Mint Chocolate. If it doesn’t have the chocolate, why bother!

11. My clothes dryer that I had back in SD.

12. A porch.

13. Hamburgers. DECENT hamburgers. That don’t cost $30!

14. Sandals.

15. Miguel’s Cocina’s white sauce and tortilla chips.

Oh – and Brigantine Fish Tacos! (That shouldn’t count as 16 – it’s a hyphenated number 15!)