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Let’s talk about sound..

I totally get that you would not want to possibly take the scary chance of connecting with someone sitting in the train seat next to you and therefore need a barrier, a boundary, a safety zone.

But where I’m sitting right now between 3 of you, each with a head of ear phone beats piping and pumping and thumping to different rhythms… You are all entering into MY boundaries! Your three different beats and sounds and head-bops are like a Venn Diagram on my mind that is making me very sad :(

I also get the need to connect to friends via mobile phone. But do you have to shout? Do you have to laugh that flirty laugh? Do you have to be on the phone for 40 minutes?


I’m fervently hoping the snack car comes by soon. God bless European train systems for carrying wine on board.

And forgive me my catty mood.