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Yummy tapas at De Pont

Okay – so I love food. I love restaurants. I love being waited on.

Naturally.. going out to dinner seems like the perfect pastime for me!

NOT in Amsterdam. The cafes are lovely and adorable for a glass of vino or such… but man, good food… and REASONABLY priced food, can be hard to come by! You may end up paying A LOT of mulla for a decent meal in Amdam… which is a bummer!

But fear not! I am on the job! I am on the quest to find the perfect spots to while away an evening over great food, great wine and with great friends!

Here’s my top three of the moment… and I am SURE there will be more to follow!

Adorably Dutch – De Gouden Reael

1. De Gouden Reael
On a little island, on a little street, on a little canal… sits this little restaurant! An adorable spot! Charming interiors (the upstairs dining room has a lovely view of a canal and bridge!), great service, and an excellent delivery of the French kitchen menu. The menu is basic stuff; entrecôte, baked chicken, leg of lamb… but done with detail and flavor. Prices are reasonable and location is ideal. For more info, click here.

Cozy and gezellige terrace of De Pont, and a great view to boot!

2. Café de Pont
Wow! And I repeat that… wow! A quick ferry ride to Amsterdam Noord (Buiksloterweg) puts you on the route to the new Amsterdam Eye Film Museum. And although that ultra mod spot is cool to see, and the ferry ride is fun (all 3 minutes of it) – the real outing is to stop at Café de Pont for tapas. YUM.


Some of the best service I’ve seen in Amsterdam. An incredibly cute interior to this old little building, and a charming and inviting (and heated!) patio. But the best… the MENU!

The menu is lots of the things I love and in great combos: fennel sausage with chicory and pear liquer, kingboleet mushroom with nut bread and fig, baked potatoes with bacon cream sauce,  lamb roulade with red pepper-lentil dressing, chicken stuffed with pine nuts and foie gras, half a lobster in a cucumber (Oh! to not be allergic to shellfish!!!)

Find a buddy, go and order 5 or 6 dishes, share and enjoy!

(Note, they only accept PIN bank cards for payment! For more info, click here)

3. The American Hotel
In the two years that I’ve called Amsterdam my base…. I have crossed the cobblestones, I have traversed the bridges, I have rowed the boats… all in search of a good hamburger.

You will not believe how hard that is.

The taste is just not.. right! The type of bread for the bun is weird, there are no toppings, the patty has carrots added into it for flavor, there’s no ketchup or mustard in sight – whatever! It’s not right.

The best I can offer you, my friends, is the promise that I will NOT quit, I will NOT give up, I WILL persevere! In the meantime… eat the hamburgers at the American Hotel restaurant :)

It’s a bit steep for a burger… but it’s the best Amsterdam has to offer. It’s drippy with juice, it’s thick and stuffed with yumminess, and they serve it with those little individual pots of ketchup! I love those!

Plus, the space is amazing – the art decor interior of the restaurant makes you feel like you are having Breakfast (or a burger) at Tiffany’s, and sitting outside on the patio with the giant fountain serenading you and people to watch – well, it doesn’t get better than this :)

For more info, click here.