Now these are Olympics that I could cheer about ALL Day!!!!! What a great idea!


Yes, the 2012 Olympics in London have begun, with much fanfare and a Mr. Bean appearance.  But more importantly (because I don’t have a TV), so have Las Olimpiadas de Cartagenito!

The athletes, having trained long and hard, were eager to begin the competitions.

They listened attentively to their coaches and stretched their muscles in anticipation of the great feats of athleticism they were about to undertake.

Behind the scenes, official Olympic artists worked feverishly to complete the Olympics-themed flags and banners that would later decorate the facilities.

Before the games commenced, the athletes swore the Olympic Oath.

And when the moment finally came to show what they were made of, they crushed the former records and the competition (neither of which actually existed) and each did it with his or her own special flare.

After claiming victory, the athletes celebrated with their friends.

And finally, they napped like champions.

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