This is a great write-up showing a little of that ‘difference’ in expat life that we face!

Frankly Living

My commute to work . . . is very different than what I encountered in California. On a good day, I would have a 40 mile commute and it would take me 45 minutes each way at minimum to the office or the client. The other side of the spectrum would require upwards of 1,5 hours to get home from a client down near San Jose because of traffic, accidents, and people’s overall inability to drive.

Here in Amsterdam, the longest commute that I have encountered to the office or client is 26 kilometers one way, or 16 miles. It is a 15 minute commute to the PwC office where I spend 70% of my days – perhaps 30 minutes if there is traffic on the roads. Clearly, the shorter commute is an added benefit to my work-life balance. Another bonus to my commute in the Netherlands is the opportunity…

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