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Antwerp Central Station – What’s in your travel bag to read as you board a train?

It’s still summer… it’s still a good time to be traveling, and it’s ALWAYS a good time to be reading something great! A few items that crossed my reading glasses this month that I would recommend as we head into September…

  • Religion for Atheists – Alain de Botton. If you haven’t read some of the essays or watched on youtube.com some of the public speaking gigs of this very smart and dryly-witty man… it’s time to start. In this easy to read, funny, and thoughtful book, de Botton looks at what aspects of great culture we as a secular world could ‘borrow’ from the religious world… to not only be productive, and grow as societies and communities… but to learn, to learn meaningfully, to think, to think meaningfully, and to be happy as individuals… this work isn’t about anything other than looking at the things that religions around the world got ‘right’ and that we can learn from.
  • The Gifts of Imperfection – Brené Brown. (Only applies to the handful of us who suffer from a glimmer of understanding that we are NOT perfect… and want to work towards embracing that!) I saw a random link on Facebook one day… clicked on it. And got the treat! Watching Brené Brown speak was like watching the meantally-healthier, funnier, and smarter version of myself speak. I loved it! So went right out and ordered some of her books. Turns out, even my therapist though it was the perfect thing for me to read! What inspirational style, openness, and reality-checks! Brown writes about living our lives “Shame.Less” and “Joy.Full.” She writes candidly about some of the demons that can chase perfectionists like myself, and shares wisdom that she’s garnered from her research on Shame and Vulnerability. Incredibly impactful.
  • 109 East Place: Robert Oppenheimer and the Secret City of Los Alamos – Jennet Conant. The story of the making of the atomic bomb… told through the eyes of people living and working in and around the project. This richly researched book tells

    Amsterdam Central Station – Good place to stock up on treats and books before traveling further!

    the story of the making of the secret labs where the details of the Manhattan Project came together. But it also tells of the human element – how hard it was for the scientists and their families to adjust to live in the middle of No Where, New Mexico… about the stresses… the challenges of security in a small town… about the difficulty of boiling water for a dinner when you are at that high altitude and how that impacted the lives of brilliant scientists… and more. Fascinating read!

  • The Fallen Angel: A Novel – Daniel De Silva. De Silva is one of my favorite spy-action-crime-historical-art-fiction novel writers out there. Love his stuff… and especially love his main character from this series: Gabriel, the spy and expert assassin whose cover job is to work as a famous Renaissance art restorer in the cities of Europe. De Silva’s stories are smart, entertaining, and well written. And his characters are people I am terrified to meet and would love to meet! A great mystery novel and travel armchair read all in one!

What did you pack to read and why should I be reading it next?