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Shopping at Schiphol airport – it’s all so conveniently in one place! :)

– You can time the trip from your house to the airport better than timing a trip to the grocery store

– You know which airlines are in which terminals

– when you never truly rack up air miles because you are too busy cashing them in for reward travel tickets!

– you always have a bag ready with basic toiletries, a pair of underwear, and your ’emergency’ credit card

– you always have currency available from at least two countries

– you can plan in which airports you are going to do what (London = manicure, New York = get a steak, Paris = the only duty free shop that carries your favorite perfume, Vienna = take advantage of the good high speed wifi)

Vienna’s slick and modern new terminal… with workstations for the working traveler that are SUPER comfortable!

– you think shopping for clothes is easier at the airport – after all, you are there more often than the mall!

– you know which airports have frequent delays, are in the midst of construction, or are just good to avoid

– you know how to get from the airport to at least 5 cities in different countries; including the tricks about how the heck to make the machine spew out a train ticket

– you have access cards to airline lounges, but you prefer not to have to make the walk all the way to that corner of the airport – besides, you know a cute little wine bar where the waiter sneaks you olives at no charge :)

Old School Frankfurt airport – unfortunately not my fav, mostly because not enough places to get coffee or a glass of wine!

– you know how to get your flight rebooked during an airline strike in under 5 minutes :)

– you read Alain de Botton’s  A Week at the Airport and you think being the ‘official scribe of Heathrow airport’ is pretty frigging cool… and you want to be that person for your own local airport!

– you can’t WAIT to get on the next plane!