Absolutely gorgeous pics! Now I am very curious to visit! Thanks, Frankly Living for sharing :)

Frankly Living

When we saw the view of the old town of Tallinn from the ship first thing in the morning, we knew we were in for a treat.

We walked off the ship around 9:00, bought “Tallinn Cards” at the conveniently located tourist center set up at the pier, and took advantage of the free WiFi at the tourist center.  The Tallinn Cards came in handy because they granted us quick access to every Tallinn attraction!

We walked from the pier to the old town and circled part of the city along the outside of the medieval city walls.

The juxtaposition was striking.  On our left we saw modern Tallinn, a bustling European metropolis.

On our right was a medieval town which looked very much the same as it has for hundreds of years.

We learned that Tallinn was a prosperous port town in medieval times, and it was built into what we…

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