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Few things as good an investment as an LBD that travels well :)

All dressed up in my LBD and skinny strappy heels, red lips and diamonds draped (ok… wanna be diamonds… but still!)

Beautiful evening with fellow opera goers, with lovely ambiance and gorgeous music. Even the moon made its appearance!

Went to see Handel’s “Julius Ceasar in Egypt.” Handel’s music is of course incredible, but add to that the level of opera stars drawn by the Salzburg Festspiele and you have an evening with Andreas Scholl, Cecilia Bartoli, Anne Sofie van Otter and Philippe Jaroussky. (If you aren’t sure who these folks are, click on their names for a little ‘taste.’)

I wanted to weep with the beauty of it.

After the opera I felt like doing something… It was a beautiful night, still relatively early, and damn it… I looked sexy and had on heels. Not wasting this!

Smart and sleek interior of the Haus für Mozart, Salzburg

I’d also forgotten the name of my hotel and the name of the street it’s on… always a problem when they make you turn the big clunky keys in and when your evening purse is the size of a cell phone. And although I may be able to point it out on a map, I doubt the taxi driver would get what I wanted.

So I decided to walk. I was pretty sure I knew the route.

Walking through the little streets with lights twinkling and people laughing, my heels clicking… A beautiful sight. But by the Makartsteg Bridge I knew I had to decide… Hotel? A stop to rest my feet?

I looked too nice!

So… Hotel Sacher… As in Sacher Torte.. I’ve walked by it for 2 days now. It has a beautiful terrace that I has seen from the river. But how to get inside?

Mooning over the view: Makartsteg Bridge, Salzburg

Walked to the front of the hotel, and up the red-gold steps… Like magic the big glass doors opened and smiling bell men and desk clerks looked up… Saw me… And smiled more!

Ha! They would not have done that if they’d seen me this afternoon post-hike-to-the-castle and pre-diamonds!

Sweeping rooms, a black grand piano being tinkled with elegance by a player who sent a nod my way. Sigh. This is the life I wouldn’t mind living!

A lovely glass of champagne later.. I was ready to go.


Sometimes it’s a bummer to be all dressed up alone!

(And don’t worry I did make it to my hotel safe and sound albeit with tired feet!)