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Well… I’ve been quiet. I know.

When more than one person starts asking me when I am going to blog again, I figured it’s definitely time to shape up and type out.

I have not been writing. I’ve been funking.

One of the dangers of expat life… the summer ends, the number of visitors from ‘home’ dwindle down, the beer haze wears off,  the rain is INCESSANT, and the temperatures drop.

Suddenly things are grey all the time.

Not that I need the sun to write, in fact, the vampire-like life I prefer makes writing in the dark and with candles and a glass of wine fun.

But I am a creature of routine and of schedules. And as much as American life is about the idea of freedom, that illusion is really run by tightly knit schedules to get to dry-cleaner, to get in a workout, to get dinner on the table, to be at work by 7am, to be going, going, going.

Afternoon light.. perfectly romantic

So when I am not going, going, going, and my routine has been made all wonky by random things – it’s like a crack opens in the psyche and suddenly I miss wearing high heels every day, I miss my friends back ‘home,’ I miss Brig Fish Tacos, I miss my favorite Italian place in North Park, I miss Milano cookies, I miss my dry-cleaner that was open like magic on Sundays, I miss…

I schedule with the best of them… which is one of the reasons I love my friend, Becky. When she asks me “what are you doing in March of 2016?” I know she’s serious and she gets that I plan ahead so that I can a) make everyone happy, b) not miss out on anything, c) can conquer my insane to-do list as I juggle two business and a job and a home and a blog and friends and a boyfriend and family and somewhere in there have time for a nap, and d) make sure the work is done so the fun can begin!

Randomly, it’s when I travel that lack of schedule and routine is part of the routine.

Go figure.

So… today I told myself to get my head screwed back on right… stop hiding in the grey from confronting the cold and the different and the unknown… and get on with it. (What many of you who knew me from my ‘former life’ may not know is that I really hate confrontations though – whether it’s real or whether it’s the mist!)

And why get on with it? Because there’s a whole beautiful life waiting and I’ve never been the type to sit around and wait… Besides… Amsterdam in the Fall is really pure pleasure inside your camera frame.

Grab it :)

PS. Tickets to Copenhagen BOOKED! :)

Taking a walk on Oudeschans.. what a view!

Doesn’t matter which way I turn… grab the beauty!