For those of you who have heard me complain about the cost of eating out in Amsterdam… here you go! SEE, it’s NOT just ME!
Plus other financial shocks for expats :)

Frankly Living

As I mentioned in a recent Fx5 column, I was initially shocked by many of the prices I found around the Netherlands.  Recently, I wrote about certain goods and services that are surprisingly cheaper in Amsterdam than they are in California.

For this week’s Fx5 column, I present five fun facts about goods and services that are surprisingly more expensive in Amsterdam than in America.

1.  Eating out (without a Groupon).  Even basic crummy burritos run €7 to €10 ($9 to $13)!  Most entrees at decent restaurants run closer to €15 or €20, and sometimes it is not possible to order free “tap water” to drink.  Drinks, alcoholic or otherwise, usually cost anywhere from €2.50 (about $3) for a coffee or up to €4 (about $5) for a 12 ounce Coke!  As a comparison, wine or beer usually costs about €4.  When we go out for dinner and drinks, the…

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