Counting down the days before heading back to Wengen for our family’s now-traditional Christmas get away! Can’t wait!

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One of the things I love about basing myself in Amsterdam, is that it is the same number of hours to drive to Switzerland as the drive from San Diego to San Francisco! Actually – LESS than that if you drive via German autobahns! But if you add a stop in the Alsace to pick up a case of bubbly Cremant and some Pinot Gris – well… then it’s the same! :)

Other than the fact that Switzerland is insanely expensive (actually saw a plate of lasagna on a menu for the equivalent of $30US!), then you would love it! In the summer time there are lakes to swim in… woods to walk in… mountains to hike…

In the winter… there are trees crackling under the weight of the snow… and the sound of absolute quiet since the world is wrapped in cotton-wool and holding its breath in the cold.

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