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Amsterdam canals snowWhen I was in high school and considering where to go to college, I wanted to do the East Coast thing like so many of my classmates. IVY LEAGUE! Whoop!

Despite getting in… I was stopped in my tracks though. Hugely by the cost considerations. But also… by the idea of SNOW!

I am from South Africa via California… how can I survive in snow?


Now I know.

Luckily, Amsterdam snow is nowhere near the blizzards, etc. of the mid-west of the USA. And although I consistently and frequently freeze my butt off here and have invested in heavy-duty-vaseline-based-hand-cream (not lotion… that’s for pansies… CREAM)… I’ve learned about the wonders of keeping your head warm, of thick and chunky gloves, of double socks and thermal leggings.

But most of all I’ve learned to look up and forward.

You get so distracted by the beauty, you forget the cold.

I’ve discovered the incredible blanket of silence that snow drapes over a city. My favorite thing these days is to take Mr. T out at 6am and walk the undisturbed snow and break the silence with laughter as I kick snow in the air and he gives chase.

Snow days can be dreary here. For SURE.

But then there are days like today… with the sun out, the skies blue, and the world gleaming.

I took Mr. T out so often and so far for walks that he is totally tuckered out and I had to carry him the last few blocks home this evening.

He also started growling at the camera :)

But this African-Californian has grown a taste for the crunchy-give of the snow beneath your feet, the smell in the air, and dazzle in your eyes.

So here goes… a few neighborhood pictures and tails to make this tale complete!