Some practical and smart tips on planning a travel itinerary from a fellow traveller and blogger :)


Hi Frugalistas!

Welcome to Part 2 in my series on itinerary planning.  In Part 1 I considered the basic structure of your itinerary and we created a basic itinerary of places to visit organised into a logical sequence, within your timeframe.  Now we get to start filling in the gaps!  For this part of the planning you will need:

1.  A guidebook and an accommodation review website such as Tripadvisor

2.  Access to a railway website (personally I like the Deutsche Bahn website if you are thinking about travel by rail

3.  Access to an airline comparator website such as if you are considering airline travel

4.  Your budget

This is how I map out the next steps of my itinerary:

1.  How do you want to travel from place to place?

This is based partly on personal preference, partly on distances and location, and partly on…

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