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Amazing rooftop pool of the Catalonia Park Guell hotel

Amazing rooftop pool of the Catalonia Park Guell hotel

After my last post several folks commented or emailed that I sounded like my trip to Barcelona with doggie-joy, Mr. T, was a bust!

Not true!

But darn it – if you are a single, adorable male, who loves dogs, travel, books, food and wine… come meet me already!!!!


Two nights, one day in Barcelona. Just enough time for Mr. T and I to drink some Sangria – ok, well… me. Walk in the sunshine – that’s both of us! And remember that for some people 55 degrees Fahrenheit is ‘winter’!


I packed ‘light’ clothes and was still contemplating stopping to buy a t-shirt and sandals. In the arrivals area of the airport! Going from 32 to 55 was a shock to the system.

Mr. T LOVED being outside so much, all the dog park areas were actually clean (unlike their Dutch counterparts), and all the attention on the street.

I guess little white dogs are the ‘it’ item in Barcelona at the moment ;D

This trip was for reasons other than just exploration – but I still had a great time. Mr. T was a trooper on the flight, and our hotel – the Catalonia Park Guell, welcomed me AND

Barcelona sun needs cool shades

Barcelona sun needs cool shades

him with open arms.

And btw – at this hotel they did not charge me for the dog, but they did charge me for the room with a terrace. SOOOOOO worth it! It was like an extra room! A terrace with a chaise lounge, a table and chairs, and a view!!! It made working in the evenings a bit more palatable from that spot :)

The hotel I chose because they were offering a great deal, were dog friendly, and had rooms with a terrace. But it was in a very non-tourist area… in the back residential streets BEHIND the Park Guell.

It showed me a different Barcelona.

A bit of sun, a lot of sand, some Gaudi and Mr. T

A bit of sun, a lot of sand, some Gaudi and Mr. T

One where it was almost all locals walking their kids to school, few people spoke English, and where I met a charming couple who gave Mr. T and I not only excellent coffee, but a private tour of ‘their’ park – Park Guell is where they walk THEIR miniature schnauzers :D

They walked with Mr. T and I through empty paths and wooded spaces, over crowded Gaudi ‘waves’ and geckos and colors, and told me about how they are hoping the city of Barcelona follows through with the initiative to charge tourists for visits to the park. After all, how else will you protect this lovely space for the locals, the residence, the future?

I hear about all the celebrities who live in the area, and how the massive Chinese freight docks that were supposed to stimulate the economy, only created a big ‘China Town.’ In other words… I heard about local life.

A major perk of being a dog owner – meeting other dog owners :)

Which was nice, because despite all my googling telling me Barcelona is very dog friendly – it’s not. Unlike Amsterdam where Mr. T can accompany me pretty much EVERYWHERE except the grocery store… in Barcelona I had to ask. And the answer was not always yes. In fact, lots of shops have little places outside where you can ‘park’ your dog.

No, thanks.

So this trip was all about being outside. Outside cafes. Outside coffees. Outside sangria. Outside parks.

Which was totally fine – I had not problem buying cheap sunglasses on the fly and

Yes, I don't mind working with this view and a glass of crisp cold cava in hand!

Yes, I don’t mind working with this view and a glass of sangria in hand!

basking in the light (yes, I didn’t even bother packing sunglasses! I’ve gotten so used to ‘grey’!)

So Mr. T and I walked. And walked. And walked. I think at one point he hated me a bit. Just a bit.

I got back into good standing by sharing with him my tapas :)

But buddy, the sangria was ALL mine!