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Sunshine in the Ardennes Forest

Sunshine in the Ardennes Forest

One of the things I am grateful for on a daily basis is that as long as I have my iTool of choice and an internet connection, I can pretty much work from anywhere, at any time.

I love that most of the clients I have are so far away and in such a different timezone that they are asleep during my mornings – giving me time to take French, explore a city, go visit a museum, have coffee with a friend, or ramble through the streets with Mr. T. It suits my night-time-is-my-thinking-time personality, and gives me the freedom to DO.

It took me a while to get used to the fact that one can do SO much when not working in an office. Don’t get me wrong, if you ask anyone who has worked with me I am pretty sure that they will report that I am an efficient worker. But remove the phone rining, the wait time, the temptation to chat by the coffee maker, the sheer lack of will to be awake before 10am… and it’s amazing how much one can accomplish!

Some days it’s easier than others to be disciplined.

If you have been following along on these blogging adventures, you will know that I have had some hard days. And I want to thank those of you who responded to my last series of posts with emails, calls and even visits. Truth is, things have been tough.

But it’s not every day. And I have to have Faith that the distance between bad days will grow as I reconnect with life.

So… here I am…. in my place of connecting with myself and life. My Dadz’s farm in the Ardennes.

To help them pack up and move :(

The office was a crazy place this morning :)

The office was a crazy place this morning :)

Yup – Remember that I wrote it was for sale?… well… it’s a done deal! And so here we are… packing up glassware and walking through these woods for the last time. I couldn’t sleep last night because there are so many things I want to do here for one more time…

My numerology calculations showed that this was my Year of Change. I had laughed it off – ha! I am the queen of change! But man… this year has taught me the difference between SHIFTS, and CHANGE.

So now I sit here in the sunshine, grateful that I could have spent the morning working while leaves rustle with the wind, the sun creeps closer to the table, Mr. T chases butterflies, and peace wraps me in protective arms.

I should have come here weeks ago – the drive into the woods, the quiet, the green, the smell, the sunshine. Something about stepping away from the honking of horns and smell of fast living is so uplifting.

I am grateful too that I have been able to figure out a way to LIVE that is more about the LIVING and less about the time clocked in at a desk. I am not one to shy away from hard work – never will be. But I have learned what TO work FOR is different. Instead of the big house, the big car, the closet full of clothes… I work to have opportunity to be in airports, cooking, reading, walking, writing, dreaming. I live to have time to spend sitting in the sunshine.

The universe is a wise thing when it comes to time – three years ago I had just left my job that I had loved, but that sucked up 90% of my time, when my sister fell ill. I had suddenly and beautifully time available to sit in hospitals and waiting rooms and airports and stand in line in pharmacies.

Maybe the universe knew this time around that I would need to have this few months to mourn, to process, to adapt, and to be kind to myself and spend more time just sitting contemplating the heat of the sun on my face while Mr. T naps on my feet… time to find balance again. And so it has been prepping the way.

Irony: I finished writing this about three hours ago… but had to sit on it since the electricity went out! Ha! No internet! LOL Thank God for working on a laptop! (Although my cold shower and search for candles was NOT so fun! Proud of myself for solving the problem by going to the Belgian neighbors and chatting away about electricity – all in FRENCH!) J