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The new digs

Sing it, Sheryl! But not Las Vegas, …Amsterdam.

I’m moving to the South of France!

It’s official: New Home! New City! New Country!

At the end of November I will be leaving the canals for the rivers and embarking on a whole new set of adventures for your reading pleasure! (And yes, my selfless heart is doing this JUST for YOU!) :)

You may remember “Castle Hunting” last year in the south of France with my dad. Well, with Belgian slice of paradise (a.k.a. The Farm) sold, new spot HAD to be bought. It’s now official: Les Dadz purchased a home in one of my favorite little towns from last year’s trip.

Too cute to just visit, gotta LIVE there!

Too cute to just visit, gotta LIVE there!

Town is just north of Toulouse, in the lovely Armagnac region of Aquitaine. The ‘maison’ is just outside an adorable town and on the river Baise.

It’s an area that I feel I already know thanks to all my favorite historical figures who wondered these rivers and hills – Eleanor of Aquitaine, Edward the Black Prince, Henry Quatre…

And the home is an old lovely rambling stone space – that will be spending the next two years under construction to become a B&B.

I’m moving towards the sun, to be caretaker, and to be on-site historian of the process :)

And eventually… your hostess when you book a night!

Nerac, FranceI finally get to put my years of working in the hotel and restaurant industry to good use… AND now I get why I took French in high school when EVERYONE else took Spanish! lol

So for your viewing pleasure… a sneak peak of the town… and the ‘Maison.’

Sunbeams to follow! Stay Tuned!