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Fall AmsterdamI’m finding myself wondering… What does one do with one’s last week in Amsterdam?

Do you go for the museums?

Do you go for the food?

Do yo go for the ‘Dam crazy?

I discovered my answer sort of by accident… I go for the city.

Amsterdam's Historic CanalsOne I my favorite Amsterdam things to do, both pre- and post-Mr. T, is to walk the city.

It’s different than on a bike- I’m not even going to mention cars because I am hardly ever in one in the city! A tram even… That’s all about discovering your fellow passengers.

A bike is about the freedom of whizzing through the city. Breathless and cold as you go up and down over the bridges and biddle-baddle-biddle over the cobblestones.

There’s a weightlessness to it that is indescribable. Valuable. Laughable.

Some of my favorite moments living in Amsterfam have been biking home after and evening with Le Dadd Squared…. Slightly tipsy. Slightly cold. Totally free.

Taking a walk on Oudeschans.. what a view!

Taking a walk on Oudeschans.. what a view!

Me, the bike and the wind.

It’s the first time in a long time that I felt young

But walking Amsterdam…. That’s where the true pleasure is for me. You look. You see. You smell. You hear.

Ting ting.





You see the old buildings leaning forward in expectation. The trees. The faces. the coats. The shoes. The cold hands.

You hear snippets of conversation.
You are in your own world.

You see swans on the canals. Dog-poop. Or is it human?

You rustle leaves and crunch glass.

Fall AmsterdamAnd you walk.

Somedays Mr. T and I cover 4 or 5 miles. My favorite time is early morning or around midnight… When the city is still and the wind is calm and the water is glass and the bikes are parked.

There are no kids to drive Mr.vT crazy or lovers to make me sad.

Museumplein is quiet and calm.

And I can soak in the last offerings of my lovely city.