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I’m willing to risk that you think I’m some crazy alcoholic… because I discovered this theme running through my photos that I just needed to share…

La Vie en Rose was always one of my favorite pieces of music. Evoking for me images of Paris, Europe, sophisticated women, romance, lovers, and smiles.

Translated in English, it means “Life through rose-colored glasses.” In my expat life, I’ve been lucky to have some beautiful moments, moments and memories that sometimes help to bridge the gap between the light and dark of life… that help me find the ‘rose’ and allow me to take the time for a meaningful whiff.

Since a picture is worth many many words…here’s a view of some of my favorite moments in travel-expat life through MY glasses… wine glasses that is :D

Some even filled with rosé.


(Click on the image for more detail on the what and where!)