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Snow Fall in Amsterdam

If you know me well… and I mean REALLY well… then you know that I am capable, strong, independent, successful, a real go-getter. A former European History teacher. A former art history teacher. A former Assistant Principal. All jobs and positions that involve a certain degree of level-headedness and capability. And I am completely incapable of finding my way around my home town of San Diego, California.

It’s not something I am proud of. But to find my way from Point A to Point B – even a Point A and B that I love and visit often! – I need to do a search and study on Google Maps… I need to mentally prepare… and I stress.

Sure, the part of me that is a stiletto-wearing professional clad in dark and stark business suits can make it to work… but anything else… You have no idea how many times I had to do a panicked phone call to my sister (who lives in NYC!) or my Ex-Husband (for God’s sake! But he KNOWS all the roads!) just so I can make an appointment for after work drinks on time… or so I can get out of downtown San Diego and find the damn freeway.

That said – You drop me in London, Paris, Venice, Rome, Amsterdam, York, Madrid… well, pretty much ANYWHERE in Europe… and I can find my way with NO problem. Sometimes… hold your breath!… I don’t even need a map!


When I was a teacher I actually had parents entrust their children to me to bring them on art history and culture tours of Europe. Crazy! I know! But… never was there a hitch. Somehow, somewhere… inside me there’s a homing beacon that can navigate the small, convoluted back streets of Venice easier than I can navigate the concrete jungle of Southern California.

Maybe it’s because I am not FROM SoCal. Born in Africa… I’ve lived in South Africa, in (depending on where you draw the boundaries) Lesotho, London, San Diego and Amsterdam.

So… I figured out a way to trade in my long work hours, my snazzy suits, and my big GPS-equipped car… for a lifestyle that allows me to be in Europe as MUCH as possible. I still have my roots in San Diego… in fact… that’s where my business is! But I also have (you really should see the grin here…. emoticons just CANNOT convey it!) a lovely apartment in Amsterdam and the flexibility to get on the train, plane or road as often as possible.

Now you know… I get lost. But not when I travel. In travel, getting lost means you discover something that the guidebooks didn’t mention. It means turning a corner and wanting to squeal with delight!

I get lost… but I found my groove with travel :)

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7 thoughts on “About Author”

  1. Quita Nass said:

    Nice to see you so happy. Life is always an adventure. Be safe.

  2. Hi Elloise,
    Wow, I didn’t know you have a weakness. You are again, so strong to share your weakness. You are too cute and too funny…haha,
    seeing snow cools my hot days in SD. You look so happy. Lucky you living in Amsterdam surrounded by Van Gogh’s paintings.
    You are a busy bee, let me know when you are in town….hugs..

  3. Stephen Levy said:

    Couldn’t agree more with your travel instincts and delights…I feel we are a kindred spirit not only with travel but with life. Miss you and love you very much.


  4. Mark Van Over said:

    I am having a blast reading of your exploits and travel. Thank you so much for sharing! I hope that you’re well, and we all miss you!

  5. lisa hendricks said:

    Elloise! I respect you for “finding your groove”. I think we have A LOT IN COMMON! Just have never really been able to “sit” down and talk about your travels. I would love to come visit you in Amsterdam sometime. Next time you are down, lets have you, Leonor and myself go out for drinks and discussion. You are truly blessed to live the life you do! I look forward to reading more!

    • Elloise Bennett said:

      Lisa – You are SO welcome here, any time! Not sure yet when I’ll be back in San Diego.. probably around AP exam time… so it may be easier to sit down without interruptions on this side of the ocean! :)

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